Pengaruh Masase Kaki Terhadap Penurunan Tekanan Darah pada Kelompok Dewasa yang Mengalami Hipertensi

  • Armen Patria


Hypertension is a condition in which an increase in blood pressure is more than 140/90 mmHg and is continuous at several blood pressure checks due to one or more risk factors that are not working properly in maintaining normal blood pressure. Hypertension risk factors include: genetic factors, age, gender, ethnicity, stress, obesity / obesity, salt intake, high cholesterol intake, coffee and smoking as well as age and genetic factors. It can not be denied that until now, traditional medicine and complementary therapy are still the people's choice in self-medication. One of the complementary therapies that is done is foot massage. The purpose of this study is to know Influence of Foot Massage Against Blood Pressure Reduction In Adults Who Have Hypertension at Working Area of Puskesmas Gisting 2018. Metodology in this study used a Quasy experimental design with one group Pre Post Test design is implemented in one group. Population in this research is patient of degree 1 hypertension that treatment in May at Puskesmas Gisting and domiciled in working area of Gisting Health Center. The number of population is 30 people with hypertension degree 1. The results obtained P Value Statistical test results obtained p Value 0.000 for systolic pressure and p Value 0.001 for diastolic pressure, which means at the value of α 0.05 can be concluded there is influence foot massage to decrease blood pressure in the adult group who experienced hypertension in the work area of Gisting puskesmas . It is recommended for further research to do research by comparing foot massage therapy with other alternative therapy in order to get a more significant therapy results can lower blood pressure.

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